Crumpled This game's about a stickman and an ink drop on a crumpled piece of paper. In as little time as possible the stick man has to walk to the exit, and collect as many stars as possible. Don't forget to move the ink drop as well: this drop is essential at certain moments. The character can go through purple walls, but not through dotted lines; for the ink drop it's the opposite. The ink drop can change color. When it has gathered forces, it can temporarily change shape. This if for example very practical to press buttons, or to use it as a stepping stone. Guide the stickman and his ink drop through all 30 levels!
Click on 'Start' to start a level. Use A and D to walk left and right. To jump and climb walls, you press W. Press S when you want to slide down a wall, or when you want to hang on a platform. If you hold W and press A and D alternately, you jump from one wall to the other, until you get on top of the obstacle. The ink drop follows your mouse cursor and can change shape when you click on it (it first needs to have changed color). Press E to activate the explorer mode.
This game is
Score 6.4 of 10