Flawed Dimension You and your brother have lost the way. At a certain moment you end up in a place that looks like a cemetery. Then, something unexpected happens... you turn into zombies. Your brother disappears, and his last words are: "I'm going to find the way back home". Of course you want to go home, too, so you you go in search in this place full of mischief where huge spiders are awaiting you! Make sure they won't get you, because they'll wrap you in a cocoon and you'll lose a life. You can play this game both on your own and with two players and in three different degrees of difficulty. Have fun playing this exciting adventure game!
Use the arrow keys or WAD to move (up arrow or W = jump). Press X or L to spit a seed that will turn into a tree. You can climb it to reach a higher part. You can also press X or L to throw a spear. Press Z or K to reincarnate. When you start playing the game, you'll first go through a kind of tutorial that will give you clear instructions.
This game is
Score 6.0 of 10