Slime Quest This is a brain and skill game where a green, slimy character is gathering food to take it to the exit. It will have to defy all kinds of dangers. It will sometimes have spit some food because otherwise it would be too big to crawl under a wall for instance, or too heavy to jump on a trampoline. At the exit you'll see a number: this is the required minimum number of foods to carry along: if you don't have them, you'll have to start over again. So make sure that you can easily get back to the place where you left the food! Each level is different and that's exactly what makes this game funny and challenging to play. Have fun!
Use WASD or the arrow keys to move and press the spacebar W or the up arrow to jump. If you want to shrink, you can vomit by pressing X or F.
This game is
Score 6.0 of 10